Maria Tsoli 36th Lorne Cancer Conference 2024

Maria Tsoli

Dr Tsoli has a PhD in Cancer Cell Biology and Molecular Modelling, in which she examined the anticancer potential of gold-based nanoparticles. She subsequently accepted postdoctoral positions at the ANZAC Research Institute (USYD) and Sanford-Burnham Institute (USA) where she focused on elucidating signalling pathways involved in the development of cancer cachexia syndrome (CCS) and paediatric bone disorder hypophosphatasia. She is currently managing the Brain Tumour Group at the Children’s Cancer Institute (CCI) under the mentorship of Prof Ziegler. She is the lead scientist responsible for establishing state of the art techniques for research in Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Gliomas (DIPG) and the development of glioma PDX models as part of the national ZERO Childhood Cancer Program. Key achievements include (a) the establishment of primary brain tumour neurospheres (DIPG, glioblastoma, medulloblastoma) and orthotopic animal models from paediatric overseas and Australian patient biopsies/ autopsies; and (b) the establishment of single-agent and combination high-throughput screening performed on primary DIPG neurosphere-forming cells. Dr Tsoli is also responsible for the research direction of multiple DIPG projects, and laboratory management and is committed to developing the expertise and careers of junior research staff in the program, exhibited by her supervision of research staff

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