Roger Daly 36th Lorne Cancer Conference 2024

Roger Daly

Professor Roger Daly was awarded his PhD from the University of Liverpool, UK before taking up positions as a postdoctoral fellow at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London, UK followed by New York University Medical Centre, New York, USA. He established the Signal Transduction Group at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in 1993, and moved to Monash University in 2013, where he is Professor of Signalling Network Biology, Head of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Head of the Biomedicine Discovery Institute Cancer Program. Roger’s research focus is tyrosine kinase signalling mechanisms and their deregulation in cancer. Recently, his laboratory's research strategy has changed from a largely candidate-based approach, based on mechanistic and functional analysis of individual signalling proteins, to one which includes global interrogation of signalling networks by mass spectrometry-based phosphoproteomic profiling of cancer subtypes and global interrogation of the human kinome, combined with bioinformatics and functional genomics. This cutting edge proteomics work has led to the characterization of the signalling network characteristics of triple negative breast cancer cells, identification of mechanisms of docetaxel resistance in castrate-resistant prostate cancer, definition of novel subtypes of pancreatic cancer, and mapping of global kinome responses to specific oncogenes. Overall this strategy is identifying novel therapeutic targets and biomarkers for particular poor prognosis human cancers.

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